Our "Why"

The word ‘Protean’ means to be versatile and to have the ability to continuously change and transform.In order to ensure sustainability and resiliency, it is imperative that organisations assimilate useful decision-making information and respond and adapt to their ever-changing operating environment with confidence and agility. It was with this in mind that Protean Business Solutions was born.

Our mission

We partner with clients to create sustainable and resilient businesses
that will adapt to the fast-changing world in order for them to
thrive and remain relevant.

Our vision

Where do we see ourselves in the medium to long term?  To be the global strategic partner that collaborates with organisations that share our passion and vision for building a sustainable society, by challenging the way they think about their purpose and the way they do business.

Tell me more

We provide customised and fit-for-purpose ADVISORY, TRAINING and TECHNOLOGY solutions to a wide variety of clients across different industries, with key focus areas that include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Operational Resilience
  • Business Continuity Management, including ICT Continuity

Who's who?

“We are passionate about empowering people and organisations to think differently about the way they do business and manage risk.”

``Provide our clients with fit-for-purpose, solution-driven services to improve business resilience and sustainability``

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    Hindsight is beneficial, but foresight is essential