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Creating a risk aware culture is one of the most important components of effective risk management in any organisation.

Often the perception of risk, siloed thinking and lack of effective communication leads to challenges with buy-in and the ability to create successful value-adding risk management programmes. The purpose of this training is to provide assistance in understanding your organisation’s risk culture, the different risk culture value drivers and to unpack practical initiatives to improve risk culture.


  • Understand the importance of a risk aware culture
  • Assess risk culture
  • Provide an understanding  of the elements of risk culture:
    • Accountability / ownership
    • Skills / competence
    • Perception of risk
    • Communication
  • Risk culture improvement initiatives and considerations
We create customised, industry specific training programmes that can be delivered in classroom format, via e-learning channels or in the boardroom.
Provide relevant and practical training programmes to improve the knowledge and skills of individuals.

Our methodology and approach align with international best practice and standards, namely: ISO 22301, ISO 31000, COSO framework and King IV (Code for good corporate governance).